Top Takers

Push Back on Money in Politics!

Most Members of Congress take campaign contributions from special interests. This is legal but raises the question: are they working for those interests, or for us, the voters?

Top Takers are members who take more than most.

The free, non-partisan Top Takers app makes it easy to discover how much your current or would-be Members of Congress take from special interests. If you don’t like what you see, you can use the app to create a customized video story which includes your image and your own script to make your feelings clear. Examples and tutorials are on our YouTube channel!

On the other hand, if your candidate isn’t taking much you can create a story to congratulate them.

Then you can take action by posting your story on social media where your friends, followers and, most important, the candidate can see it. If enough voters express themselves with Top Takers, perhaps it will help to clean up politics!

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